1. Service conditions


1. Service conditions

Pya, S.A.This is a company registered in the Republic of Nicaragua under the commercial code, No. 22548; PP. 170-188, Vol. 87; the second company book and No. 22964, pp. 17-19; Vol. 165, Vol. 1, both of which are books of the public registry of Leon, Nicaragua. To the official address, citing public leads 1 / 2 v. east coast, Leon, Nicaragua. PYA, S.A. administration website: https://www.pielyart.com ("website").

When using the website or any application or auxiliary tool ("application"), you agree to abide by these conditions of use ("conditions of service") and all applicable laws and regulations.

It is their responsibility to review these conditions of service on a regular basis. If you find these unacceptable conditions of use, or you do not agree with them, do not use this site or any application. If you have any questions about these conditions of use, please contact our customer service center.

You agree that by using the website, any apps and services, you are at least 18 years old and can legally participate in the contract.

  1. Understand these terms

1.1. In these conditions of use, when we refer to "we", "we" or "we", we refer to PYA, S.A.; when we refer to "you" or "you", we refer to people who visit or use the website.

  1. Our responsibilities

2.1. The materials on this website are for general information only, and we do not represent or guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any materials and information incorporated into this website.

2.2. The website is free of charge. We cannot guarantee that the website or any content in this document will always be available or uninterrupted.

2.3. We do not assume any responsibility for the third-party announcements released through the website.

  1. Effective

Under Nicaraguan law, acceptance of these terms and conditions is a valid contract.

  1. intellectual property right

4.1. We are the owner or licensee of all intellectual property rights on the website, including its content, name and brand, as well as product, image and packaging names.

4.2. Without our written consent, any information on the website shall not be copied, distributed or used for commercial purposes in any way. We reserve the full ownership and intellectual property rights of any material downloaded from this website.

4.3. It may download or print copies of each material on the website for personal and non-commercial use, but may not modify or change the material in any way, or delete, change or change any copyright, trademark or any other intellectual property rights therein.

  1. Privacy

5.1. We only use your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy www.pielyarte.com

  1. Cooks

6.1. This website uses cookes and its use is subject to our cookes policy (www.pielyarte. Com).

  1. account

7.1. If you need to register our account on the website to access certain services, you will ensure that your startup data is protected from accidental publishing and be responsible for the startup details of unauthorized use of your account.

  1. General conditions of use

8.1. When you enter this website, you agree not to:

8.1.1 illegally use the website for any illegal purpose or in any way that does not meet these conditions for use.

8.1.2 transmit any defamatory, offensive or objectionable material related to the use of the website.

8.2. We cannot guarantee that the website is completely safe or free of errors or viruses. You are responsible for configuring your information technology, your software and your website access platform. We suggest you use your own anti-virus software.

  1. Limitation of liability

9.1. All content of the website and the website, including current or future offers of products or services, is provided "as is" and may have typographical errors or inaccuracies. Owner does not provide any warranty or representation as to the provision, accuracy or completeness of the content. Neither the supplier nor any holder, affiliate or affiliate of the supplier shall be liable for any special, consistent or other direct or indirect damages suffered or actually suffered as a result of the use or inability to access or use the content, the website or any of its functions, Or any relevant website, even if it is expressly notified by the supplier.

  1. A. Changes in these conditions of use

10.1 we reserve the right to modify these conditions of use at any time without prior notice or warning. Continued use of the website means acceptance by users. Any user who does not accept the new conditions of use must notify us in writing by selling @ pielyarte.com and stop visiting the website immediately.

  1. Informal surfing

11.1 users can visit the website without providing any personal information. In this case, the web server will collect the IP address from the user's computer rather than from the email address or any other unique information. This information is added to measure the number of visits, the average stay time of the website, the pages visited, etc. suppliers use this information to determine the usage of the website and improve the content of the website. The supplier shall have no obligation to protect such information and may reproduce, distribute or use such information without restriction.

  1. Governing law and jurisdiction

12.1 the website strictly complies with the constitution of Nicaragua (2019) and the personal data protection law of Nicaragua (No. 787 of 2012). Any offence committed under law during the use of this agreement, in particular the offences referred to in articles 14 to 46, shall be notified to the relevant authorities as required by law.

12.2 the website is controlled, operated and managed by the supplier's office in Nicaragua. If the content or purchase of products sold on the website is illegal, access to the website from these countries or territories is prohibited. If a user visits the website from a location outside Nicaragua, the user is responsible for complying with all local laws.

12.3 these terms and conditions are governed by Nicaraguan law and the user accepts the jurisdiction of Nicaragua in the high court in the event of any dispute. If any of these terms and conditions is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or inapplicable, then that term shall apply to the maximum extent permitted to give effect to the intent of those terms and conditions, and the remaining terms and conditions shall continue in full force and effect, and Effect.

12.4 these terms and conditions are a comprehensive agreement between the supplier and the user on the use of the content and the website. These terms and conditions of use restrict the access and use of the website. Read these words carefully. If you have any questions, please contact us. When visiting the website, he confirmed that he had read and agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions.

  1. Force majeure

13.1 we shall not be deemed to have failed to perform or failed to perform these conditions of service or any contract with us, nor shall we be liable to us for any suspension, interruption or delay in the performance of its current obligations caused by earthquake, flood, fire, storm, lightning, drought, Landslides, hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons, tornadoes, natural disasters, acts of natural or public enemies, epidemics, famines or plagues, actions of courts or public authorities, changes in laws, explosions, wars, terrorism, armed conflicts, strikes, closures, boycotts or similar events beyond our reasonable control (each event is a "force majeure event"). If an event lasts for more than 60 days in total, we can immediately terminate these conditions of service, and we will not be responsible for the termination.

  1. Right of refusal

14.1 you acknowledge that we reserve the right not to refuse any person to provide services at any time for any reason.

  1. Settlement of disputes by binding arbitration

Please read it carefully. Affect your rights

Most customer concerns can be quickly and satisfactorily addressed by calling our customer service center. It is unlikely that the customer service center will be able to fully satisfy your complaint (or, if you are unable to resolve your dispute, you attempt to informally, The parties agree to resolve these disputes through arbitration liaison rather than through the courts of general jurisdiction. Arbitration is less formal than litigation in court. Arbitration uses neutral arbitrators, not judges, and resolves claims more quickly than courts, which have very limited review.

1. The arbitration shall be conducted by an arbitrator jointly appointed by the parties or, in the absence of such appointment, by the chairman of the arbitration and conciliation Centre (cma-ccsn) of the Nicaraguan chamber of Commerce. Such arbitration will be held in Managua and will be settled in accordance with the arbitration clause of the Convention on road freight transport - uniform system in the 2019 rules and its amendments from time to time.When he seeks arbitration, he must first send a written notice of the dispute to PIA S.A. by registered mail.