Caring for your accessories

Piel y Arte leather accessories are made with the best Nicaraguan skins of natural origins. Any mark, vein, or incidental variation of hue in their color are inherent characteristics of the leather and should not be considered as imperfections.

Storage and care
To ensure that your Piel y Arte leather accessories stay attractive for longer we recommend:

- Protect from moisture.
- Avoid contact with liquids, perfumes, hand cream, makeup.
- If your leather product comes into contact with water or any of the above substances, it should be washed with a light-colored absorbent, dry cloth with a mild detergent.
- Keep your leather accessory away from nail paint thinner and mosquito repellent.
- Avoid exposure to direct lighting and sunlight.
- Keep away from direct heat sources.
- Be careful not to rub your bag with abrasives.
- Light scratches can be attenuated if massaged gently with a soft, dry cloth.
- Store your bag in a storage cloth bag.
- Do not store in high temperature, humidity, or unventilated areas.
- Never store inside a plastic bag. Do not dry wash, chlorine, or use a tumble dryer.